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I did it for the lulz.

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I am definitely over 18 years of age

I do not own the Harry Potter universe, or the characters in it. This blog is purely for fun, not profit.

So, this journal is a sort of archive for all my Harry Potter fiction.

What I write:

Humor is my genre and its pretty much all I do. Apparently I am incapable of writing anything that isn't cute, fluffy, funny or atleast some combination of the aforementioned. Angst- not gonna happen. And there's a chance that if I write it, you'll still go 'awwww'. I can't help it. It's not my fault.

Also, I'm a proud slash shipper- H/D to be specific. I have nothing against other pairings, as long as Draco is there. But they do seem strange to me. H/D is the only way to go, really.

What I don't write:

Snape/Harry or Snape/Draco: No. Just...no.

I try to stay away from mpreg too-unless I have no choice. Not because its a squick but because I think it takes something very fundamental away from gay relationships. Adoption is a good thing and I don't know why so many authors shy from it. Mpreg is alright in a last ditch effort, but in most of my fics the best I'll do is imply it. Otherwise, just assume the children are adopted. That's okay too.

OOC: Well, I do my best but sometimes characters run away with you. As fanfic writers we have a responsibility to keep the characters as authentic as possible. OOC is not cool.

Other Stuff I do:

You can also find me on FFNet by the name of HowDracoGotHisGrooveBack.

And I'm currently obsessed with a new project: Harry Potter Apology Letters . Hit me up for a request, I won't bite :)

That's about it. I write, I rant, I thank you for your time. Now go read my journal, its a lot more fun than this crap.

Stuff I've done:

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